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What Is the Best Golf Ball for Slow Swing Speed?


 In golf, swing speed has a major impact on your distance potential. About 45% of male golfers average between 91 mph and 100 mph speeds.

Now, what if you're below this line? Well, one thing you can do is switch to golf balls that will help you get more mileage out of your swing. Fortunately, most manufacturers offer models designed for this specific purpose.

Looking for the best golf ball for slow swing speed? Read on for our list of eight ball models that might be an ideal fit for your game.

OnCore 2022 Elixr

In recent years, OnCore has done a lot to improve its standing in the golf ball industry. The Elixr line may be the crown jewel of their efforts.

The 2022 Elixr is OnCore's Tour-standard ball. As such, it offers excellent ball flight potential and can be a big help with gains off the tee. What sets it apart, though, is its exceptional durability and resilience.

This three-piece ball comes with a urethane cover that offers a solid tee-to-green performance. The 2022 version is a bit firmer than its predecessors. It also has a new dimple pattern designed to increase ball flight.

The Elixr is impressive all around, but it really shines in the long game. It creates great distance with the driver and on approach shots. Despite the ball traveling fairly straight, it gets farther than you may expect.

If there is an issue with the 2022 Elixr, it's that it's not the most workable ball out there. It also doesn't offer the stopping power of some of the other balls on this list, but the difference isn't massive.

Wilson Duo Soft 2023

The Duo Soft 2023 has the reputation of being one of the softest balls on the market. With a compression rating of 40, it's certainly a strong contender.

The main purpose of the Duo Soft is to deliver a major energy return. This means it flies further and higher with less effort. This can be ideal for seniors and players who tend to struggle to get the ball into the air.

On a golf course, the Duo Soft delivers a high trajectory with every club you have. It has a soft feel off the club face while still feeling springy. The ionomer cover and simple two-piece design are a big help here.

Another great thing about this model is that it's very affordable compared to its competitors. It also comes in five colors, including red and fluorescent. This can be a factor if you plan on playing in gloomy conditions.

The main issue with the Duo Soft lies in its short game performance. If you like putting some spin into low-pitch shots, you may want to look elsewhere. Putting with this model can take some getting used to as well.

Titleist 2024 Tour Soft

With Titleist, the first model that comes to mind is usually the Pro V1. If you have a slower golf swing, though, paying a premium for them isn't ideal.

This is where the 2024 Tour Soft comes in. As soft as these golf balls are, they don't give up much in terms of power. Some balls with soft feel struggle to maintain speed, but this model has no such issues.

The Tour Soft comes with a thin, refined Fusablend cover. Its main purpose is to help with greenside spin, but it also adds a slight shimmer. This is helpful if you often find yourself straining to track your ball in the air.

The spin is particularly obvious when hitting pitch shots or flighted wedges. You get a decent amount of control, especially with getting the ball close to your target. This model is also durable and comes in three colors.

Now, if you're a high-spin player, these balls may seem unwieldy. The spin makes them climb a bit higher than you'd want to, reducing your distance. Try using them for swing training to see how you feel about them.

Callaway Warbird

As far as reliable golf ball brands go, the Warbird is up there with the best. Callaway has used this name for decades, and it's easy to see why.

This two-piece model features a high-energy, extra-large core. The idea is to promote distance at different swing speeds. If you're used to premium balls, you'll notice the Warbird feels a lot firmer off the face.

No matter which club you use, this model will help you gain extra yards. This is particularly obvious with irons and wedges. The gains may be significant enough to calculate new sets of yardages for each club.

The trade-off for these distance gains is the slight lack of control and feel around the greens. That said, if you're trying to break 80, you should probably prioritize distance, which makes this model a solid option.

Srixon Soft Feel 2023

The latest generation of Srixon's Soft Feel line is also its best one so far. The upgrades in feel and speed are both obvious and welcome.

The two-piece model has a FastLayer core with a compression rating of 60. The soft center gets firmer towards the cover. This construction allows the ball to snap back into shape faster and deliver more speed at impact.

Another thing that separates this ball from the others is the dimple pattern. With its 338 dimples, the Soft Feel 2023 can create ideal launch conditions. It gets high with enough spin and stops within a reasonable distance.

Around the green, the ball is impressive in terms of control. This is mostly due to its 1.6mm ionomer cover. Of course, this also depends on having the right clubs for each situation on the course.

The downside of this model is that the feel is so soft that it doesn't provide much audible feedback on putts. If you tend to rely on this sort of feedback, you're better off going with a firmer model.

Taylormade Soft Response 2022

Taylormade's Soft Response is one of the brand's two Response models. Quality-wise, it's very comparable to the brand's premium balls.

This model has a soft ionomer cover and a 50-compression rating. Its design combines strong all-round performance with decent durability. It's also fairly affordable and comes in three different colors.

The soft feel is particularly impressive off the putter face. The spin rate is only fractionally behind the best golf ball on the market. If you're trying to improve your golf swing, this amount of control can be a blessing.

From a distance perspective, the ball does lose some yardage. Some shots will dip out of the air and come up shorter than you'd like. The slower your swing speed is, the less drop-off you'll experience.

Wilson Velocity Distance

As the name implies, this Wilson model focuses on delivering distance. It does so by optimizing trajectory for maximum roll and yardage.

One thing you'll notice about this ball right away is the hard cover. If you're tired of your golf balls getting marked up, this model is for you. As long as you keep it flying straight, it can last you for quite a while.

The aerodynamic dimple pattern contributes to the ball's power potential. Even if you're a high hitter, your drives will have a satisfying trajectory. As such, this is another great model for improving distance.

The Velocity Distance is also among the best value buys on the market. Though most other brands give you 12-ball boxes, you'll find 15 here. That said, they do only come in the classic white color.

Like most firm golf balls, this model can take some getting used to. If you're chipping, the ball may come off the club face a bit hotter than you'd expect. Again, extra practice will help you get more bite with them.

Inesis Soft 500

Are you brand new to the game and want to learn to golf for the first time? If so, investing in value golf balls first can make a lot of sense.

The Inesis Soft 500 model is perfect for this purpose. It's the most affordable option on this list while still offering decent performance. It's also available in as many as six colors, ranging from green to pink.

The Soft 500 is a two-piece model with a compression of 65. This allows it to create a good energy transfer at impact, leading to extra yards. The ball also has an ionomer cover, which gives it decent resistance and durability.

Performance-wise, the Soft 500 isn't the softest ball out there. It only offers a moderate grip around the greens, and the flight distance could be better. Still, beginner players should find plenty to like here.

Best Golf Ball for Slow Swing Speed

As far as important golfing tips go, getting the right balls is pretty high up. For the best results, you want golf balls that limit your weaknesses.

All the models on the above list can fit this bill. To find the very best golf ball for slow swing speed, think about the main flaws in your game. Then, pick the model that will allow you to turn those flaws into strengths.

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