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How the Right Golf Ball Helped Me Lower My Score

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Are you using the right ball? 

Looking for an easy way to lower your score? Start by looking at the type of golf ball you're playing. Did you know up to 70% of golfers use the wrong type of golf ball for their style of play?

Here are a few ways of finding the right ball for you. There are a variety of different golf balls, each intended to improve either speed or distance – whichever you are needing to work on. Something as simple as using the wrong manufacturer can affect your ball speed, side spin, launch angle, and backspin. To understand which part of the ball is hindering your game, get to know the different pieces of the ball. 

The Pieces of a Golf Ball


The core of the ball is, as you may know, the biggest part of the golf ball. All aspects of speed, velocity, and performance are based on the core. Made usually of uncured or lightly cured polybutadiene rubber, the different compression molds will be the deciding factor on how well it works for you. When a golf ball leaves the face and goes airborne, initial energy is lost, so a well-designed core will help the ball retain as much of that energy as possible while flying through the air.


Next is the mantle of the ball, which is between the core and the outer covering. Serving as a protectant against any moisture, and just as important, it serves as the boost for your ball speed.


Lastly, the cover of the ball, which assists with the spin of the ball. Something as simple as wedge grooves can be affecting your game. Do they help with the grip, or are they hindering your game?

Investment vs Return 

As you already know, golf balls come in a variety of price points. Don't stress about spending more for the right golf ball, as it will pay off in the end. You are investing in your game and making sure that every part of your equipment is tailored to your game style, which ultimately will make every experience at the course more enjoyable.

Types of Golf Balls 

Premium Tour golf balls are the premium-priced, highest performing models.

Premium Value offers some of the tour-level balls, but at a lower price.

Soft Spin and Distance varieties offer different performance options to help improve certain aspects of your game.

Neon or Colored golf balls are great for visibility, a common problem for most golfers.

Let us help 

With a staggering 7 out of 10 golfers using the wrong ball, it may take some time to find the right ball for you but testing until you have the right golf ball is a great investment of your time, as the end goal is maximizing your game.

To get started on selecting the right golf ball for your game, stop by the pro shop and talk to our Director of Better Golf, Tirrel Baymon who can help analyze your equipment, swing, launch angle, and current golf ball brand. He will ask about your normal scoring and frustrations with your game and might even suggest a private 30-minute lesson to get a better understanding of your game. All of these factors go into helping you select the right golf ball for your game, which in the end, will provide for a much more enjoyable outing.

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