Callaway Custom Fitting

Want to lower your score and have more fun playing the game?

Cypresswood Golf Club has your solution with our Callaway custom club fitting program.

Customized Experience

Have you ever wondered why you play the clubs you do? Do you know if your equipment matches your swing? You don’t have to be a tour pro to get tour pro level service, and golf clubs custom fit for your game. We all want to have more fun playing this great game. The primary way to do this is with irons and woods set-up to truly fit your game and your swing.

The Benefit of an Outdoor Fitting

Forget about indoor fittings, hitting off fake turf into a fake screen. Our golf club fitting services in Houston are designed to provide you with the best clubs for your swing. To really capture the experience of new clubs and a proper fitting, getting outdoors and seeing how the ball flies is the way to go.

What to Expect

Our custom Callaway golf club fitting services in Houston provide you with everything you’ll need to improve your performance and optimize your game. When you arrive to do your custom fitting at Cypresswood Golf Club, you will be treated to first-class service. Working one-on-one with our Director of Better Golf, you will be hitting a variety of club and shaft set-ups on our range, to determine the best club and shaft combo for your swing. We have all of the latest offerings from Callaway, including irons, shafts, woods and drivers.

As a Certified Callaway Fitting Studio in Houston, our Director of Better Golf will get you dialed in with your own custom one-on-one fitting process and ensure that your irons and woods will be set-up to truly fit your game and your swing. And we guarantee that you’ll have more fun playing this great game. Once you order your new clubs, Callaway will custom-build them and drop ship your new clubs right to the golf course for you.

Schedule Your Fitting

Getting started is easy. Fill out the form on this page to schedule your one-on-one golf club fitting in Houston, and take the first step towards lowering your handicap and making the most of your natural swing today.

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