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Golf Instruction Programs

We have developed a revolutionary Golf Instruction & Lessons Program to grow the game.

It's a proven fact that how well we play significantly affects how much fun we have. Foresight Golf wants our customers to have the most fun possible and has made the commitment to helping our customers improve their enjoyment of the game. We have come to realize that the only way to improve is to have the right balance of quality instruction and productive practice.

Being able to enjoy affordable instruction from qualified teachers is a huge part of the improvement process. We have developed a revolutionary Golf Instruction & Lessons Program, Play Better Golf - The Foresight Golf Way, that will enable you to begin, learn and grow in the game and still afford to play golf, too!

At Cypresswood we focus on three distinct fundamental parts of the game:

  1. Those who want to learn to play the game start with our Learn to Play program.
  2. Kids 18 and under who desire to learn the game through our Junior Academy.
  3. Experienced golfers seeking to improve their game with our Game Improvement program.

How Do You Participate?

Join Cypresswood Golf Club’s Men's Golf Association or Women's Golf Association! These associations have been developed to encourage you to work on your game, meet new golfers, receive inexpensive golf lessons, and enjoy the camaraderie of friendly competition all adding up to enjoying golf more! The association memberships include:

  • USGA Handicap Service - you have to have a handicap to play in most tournaments and getting a handicap is one of the best ways to track your improvement!
  • $20 Individual 30-minute lessons - providing you inexpensive instruction from qualified instructors is the driving force behind our Play Better Golf program. One-on-one teaching allows you to focus on what you need to do in order to play better.
  • $10/person 30-minute Group lessons - learning together is fun and can be quite rewarding! You glean the benefits of other golfers questions and input and have fun doing it!
  • Designated Weekly and Evening Association Group Play Dates with Hospitality and Prizes - a chance to take what you've learned to the course and enjoy some friendly competition as a team. Add a nice food & beverage special after play along with prizes and you've got yourself a fun evening enjoying golf!
  • 10% off Non-Sale Golf Shop Merchandise or Special Order Merchandise - once you start playing better you'll probably want to dress the part! Look good and swing away!!
  • Free Green Fee When You Refer A New Member - have a friend that keeps threatening to learn to play? Now's the chance to help them start on the right foot and get a little benefit yourself!

The Annual Association Fee is only $49.99

For more information or call (281) 821-6300 or simply fill out the form on the right of the page.

What Our Golf Instruction Clients Are Raving About...

"The Play Better Golf program at Cypresswood is exceptional!  As parents of a passionate junior, the program is an effective compliment to our desire to expose him to facilities and instruction that will enhance his development and love for the game of golf while not undermining our fiscal goals.  The golf instruction has produced consistent improvement, which become manifest as our son participates in STPGA and US Kids golf tournaments!  In terms of customer service, the Cypresswood staff is simply outstanding.  Our first visit was extremely intimidating due to our poor acclimation to the sport of golf; however, we were quickly put at ease by the wonderful touch of the Cypresswood staff.  We absolutely love Cypresswood Golf Club!"
- Gregory Fairbanks

"Tirrel Baymon is by far one of the best golf instructors I have taken lessons from.  His approach is real simple.  He takes a look at what you are doing, but in as much as he focuses on techniques, his focus is more or the why's or the cause of a bad result.  His teaching methodology is focused more on educating you about what you are doing as opposed to having you swing like a robot.  I truly enjoy his love of the game and teaching."
- Allen Baytes

"Since moving to Houston last year, I began to look for a golf instructor.  I found that the instruction program at Cypresswood Golf Club was excellent for my needs.  The instructor, Tirrel Baymon, had a legitimate interest in improving my ability to play the game of golf.  I have taken lessons before and the difference in the instruction is night and day.  My old instructor sold me a package deal and when that was up that was it.  No concern whether I played well or not.  I have been included in different clinics, which has helped my play.  I have referred Tirrel to other golfers.  The key to his instructions was the difference inmy stroke play.  Less strokes - better play; this was evident after my first two lessons.  I will continue to recommend Mr. Baymon."
- Anthony Thomas

"I have been working with Tirrel for about 4 months.  I was a 3 handicap before with a swing that was anything but good.  After working with Tireel, I have a confident swing that I feel I can repeat at any time on the course.  In the last tournament I played in -the midam qualifier, I shot a 75.  I never would have had the confidence to play at such a level without his help.  I also would not have ever taken a lesson without the system laidy out by Cypresswood to allow me to take lessons from a great teach at $10 per lesson."
- Denny Giles

Cypresswood Golf Club
21602 Cypresswood Drive
Spring, TX 77373