Cypresswood Golf Club Conditions

We appreciate everyone’s concern about the future of Cypresswood Golf Club. We have received significant numbers of calls, e-mails, and social media posts from our patrons asking about the status of the facility & course. THANK YOU ALL for your concerns & questions! You are the inspiration for our efforts. We will be back.

Having said that, we do want to provide everyone with a brief update as to the unfortunate circumstances we, along with many others in the greater Houston area, have been faced with since Hurricane Harvey rendered its devastation. First the good news! After the water receded our Team has been able to thoroughly inspect the premises, and we are very happy to report that both the Cypress and Tradition golf courses made it through the storm and subsequent flooding without significant damage. In fact, both courses actually received less damage and silt deposition than they did last year during the flooding around the Memorial Day holiday. We expect that the courses, when reopened, will be better than ever!

Now, for the “not-so-good” news. All of our buildings were infiltrated by significant amounts of flood water, to such an extent that the main clubhouse, Tradition clubhouse, maintenance buildings, irrigation pump house, and golf car storage area, were all covered with as much as six feet of water. Unfortunately this means that we have experienced a total loss with nearly all of our golf maintenance equipment, golf car fleet, and clubhouse contents. Additionally, we have been left with significant amounts of damage to the buildings themselves. We are currently working with our insurance, Commissioner Cagle’s office (Harris County Precinct 4), and even FEMA, for assistance in putting all of the operational components back together so that we can reopen.

We will reopen. We will be better than ever. We just don’t have a clear timeline for all of this to happen. We ask that you all continue to monitor the Cypresswood website, your email and our Facebook page for updates. We are anxious to update you and we will do just that as we figure out our next steps. We are Houston Strong and Texas Strong!! Thank you all again for your support!

Sincerely, The Cypresswood Golf Club Team and the Foresight Golf Family

Fundraising Casino Nights!

We are hosting fundraising Casino Nights at our sister properties to raise money for our Cypresswood Teammates. If you can be in the San Antonio or New Braunfels areas on the 29th and/or the 30th of this month, please check the FB pages for The Republic Golf Club and The Bandit Golf Club or follow these links:

The Republic - Sep 29th      The Bandit - Sep 30th